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the art and science that helps to create a successful event


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What is Event Management?

Have you ever wondered about the intricate details behind the Olympics opening and closing ceremony? How about the organisation of the World’s biggest fair EXPO ?

What about the winning country’s coloured confetti that falls down on the finals of the FIFA World Cup? All these occasions are great examples of event management in practice.

There is a lot of thought that goes into organising such complex international events. The average spectator is unaware of the complexities and all the planning that is behind all of these unforgettable experiences. These occasions are created by event management professionals that work tirelessly co-ordinating, planning and managing teams of individuals.

Event management is the art and science that helps to create a successful event…

It is no surprise that more and more graduates wish to work within event management as is illustrated by the below article in the Independent:

Is International Event Management for you?
Anyone who is passionate about event planning no matter what field they’re in, can opt for studying event management. This will give them an overview of the day-to-day tasks and insights into the international event management profession.

Life does not give us many chances. So when life gives us a challenge we need to be ready to face it fully prepared.

If you however concluded with ‘International Event Management is for you!!’ then well done for identifying a potentially awesome career within event management.

OK, what’s the next step?
It is important to gain good insights and to understand the essential skills involved in event management to create successful events. The practicality as well as the theoretical aspect of co-ordinating events such as an Expo or Convention to an international level cannot happen without having the right tools to manage events.

Well, to be the best you need to learn from the best. Who would be better to articulate such a dynamic programme than I can help you out.

  • The excellent connections, with a comprehensive network of international events & business industry partners are ready to cooperate with you.

  • Implementing event management strategies and theories into real practice with my Business Innovation Project.

  • My facilities to strengthen your knowledge and enhance your employability with an international focused programme.